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Of the services I offer, translation is the work I do most frequently. I was born in the Netherlands, so I master the Dutch language at native level and beyond. For long periods in my life I have lived and worked abroad, using the English and German language. I have studied, worked and gained experience in a wide variety of fields, ranging from computer science and the internet to tourism, business and philosophy. These are the fields I specialize in.

There is another page on this site that will tell you a bit more about my person, so here I will just tell you what I can do for you. I think it's important to tell you honestly and clearly what it is you're getting and what not. I am not a sworn and certified translator, so I'm not allowed to translate "official" legal documents, but...

...I am a very good translator with an excellent feeling for languages and interests in a wide range of subjects. I work accurately and conscientiously. I am reliable, straightforward and honest. I always keep a promise, so I will only accept an order of which I'm sure I will be able to fulfil the conditions and obligations.

These are the language pairs I work with:
  • English-Dutch
  • German-Dutch

I speak, write and understand Dutch at native, and English and German at near-native level.
I have a lot of personal and professional experience in all three languages, so I could probably reverse these language pairs and still be pretty good at it, but a professional translation needs to be better than good. All it needs is one little error a native writer would never make, and a text will look funny. It needs to be perfect.

That is why, like most professional translators, I only use my native language as a target, and my secondary languages as a source, and that is also why my proofreading and editing service is limited to Dutch only.
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