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Rates depend on the size, complexity and repetitiveness of the source text, so the safest option for me would be to tell you to please contact me for a quote, however...

...my own experience as a potential client is, that I actually never bother to do that. I hardly ever contact a service provider just to find out how much it's going to cost me. So I will tell you the price I charge for the work I do, at least more or less.

Rate per word of the source text:

Rates / Prices   Range: Typical:
Dollars: $0.09 - $0.13 $0.11
Euros: €0.07 - €0.10 €0.09
Pounds: £0.06 - £0.08 £0.07

The lowest rate applies for large, relatively simple texts with few technical terms.

For your average text you can expect a price near the typical rate.

The top end of my range applies only if the text is very short or highly technical.

If you would like to receive an exact quote, please contact me personally.
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